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What do I need to wear?

At Broadbeach Chiropractic we are able to perform most treatments through your clothing, or by lifting your shirt etc to access an area that requires treatment. At all times, all modesty is assured.

Is it safe?

Every conceivable effort will be made by our Chiropractors to thoroughly assess your condition to make sure it is suitable for Chiropractic care.  Your safety is paramount to us; and as such we will adopt a conservative approach to your care.

Will it hurt?

Most people are very relaxed through their chiropractic treatments. We use a lot of soft tissue techniques in preparation should we need to adjust an area- which helps prepare the region and for a gentler force to be applied. We have options of techniques to use, from using our hand, or to using a hand-held instrument called an Activator which delivers a pre-tensioned specific level of 'thrust' to the area.

At all times, we will communicate with you so that you are always comfortable.

How many visits' will I need?

This varies from individual to individual. Some patients only like to see us when they are in pain or have an ache and they see us until that resolves. Others, will see us on a regular  basis as they find they due to the daily rigours of life, that they want some assistance to help with that.

Our Chiropractors will suggest a time frame between visits using their education, knowledge and experience so that you get the best results. But rest assured, how long you decide to benefit from our care is always up to you.


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Monday, May 09, 2011

Hi and welcome to the Broadbeach Chiropractic Website. As a leader in Chiropractic services for the Broadbeach and greater Gold Coast area, we are please to welcome you to our new site and hope you find it informative and helpful. 

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